The many meanings of Stroom-op



You might wonder about the little fish attached to many of our products. It is a symbol for our company name Stroom-op.

In this blog we'd like to explain the many meaning of Stroom-op. Thank you to each and every one participated in our first give-away competition of 2021 and to all of you who sent in their explanation - there was no wrong answer and we liked these five in particular.


The meaning of “stroom-op” is an Afrikaans saying, describing to go “up-stream.” In some ways you can look at it as - Why would you go with the stream & follow the norms, when you could go up-stream and be different in every way. From lifestyle, work & personal choices, be different in every way possible and don’t follow the stream or the crowd, be uniquely you. (JP.B.)

Stroom-op means upstream in Afrikaans (and I love the motivation to always look forward rather than focus on the bad going on around you at the present. I'm also a major fan of quality and investing in things that last - and tend to stick to leather for this reason). (Naadira B.)

Stroom-op means to go against convention, against what is the norm and to do something different and exceptional, if you want a different result - do something different! (Monique van A.)

Stroom-op is an Afrikaans saying that means "Up stream". It means to move in the opposite direction of the current stream, thus, moving to the source of the river or stream. Metaphorically, it means to step out of your comfort zone to explore new opportunities and adventures. (Riëtte G.)

Stroom-op beteken om teen die stroom op te gaan te gaan en nie net met die norm / stroom te gaan nie. As ek reg is, is dit ook meer gemik om ons te herinner om nie geestelik net saam die wereld se maniere te gaan nie. Ons moet 'Stroom-op' gaan en seker maak ons lewens dra vrug, waar ons God volg en nie die wereld nie. (Corien du P.)

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