“Why drink down-stream when you can go up-stream?”

Quality is our standard. Excellence is our goal!

Stroom-op is Afrikaans and means "Upstream"....Go up-stream: why drink down stream? Avoid drifting astray by keeping your eyes on things with eternal value.

In 2018 South African artist Anneri Marais decided to turn her hobby into a a business. Anneri loves being creative, especially with natural products like leather and wood. Every step in the design and making process is exciting... from choosing the hide to final touches. The design process starts with listening and having an open ear to the needs and desires of others.

Anneri loves leather because she wants to go for the best and create special and treasured items. But to get even a simple design perfect takes time, experience and a lot of research through trial and error. It is important to use the correct materials for a specific design.

One of the key aims of Stroom-op is to create growth and jobs. To supply products of value. Although many ideas are sourced from the internet and other sources, we try to keep our products unique and with personal touch.


Stroom-op Founder Anneri Marais

George, South Africa